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 Quality Rating

First at all, you need to understand, all those DVDs are rare stuff made by fans with home software and equipment, of course nothing offer on this site is compare with original DVDs, the quality varies on each titles. EXAMPLE: I recorded a broadcast in 1978 and I saved the tape in my basement for 30 years and I found the tape and I decided to put the video on DVD, no video remastered or audio, I just put on DVD; you can imagine the quality right? Of course is not gonna be really good quality or HD, this is the parameter for this kind of DVDs, not all are bad, not all are good, but you need to keep in your mind, this is rare stuff never released on original DVD, the quality is very different on each DVD, in this site you gonna find very good stuff and low quality stuff, that?s why is very important check it out the quality rating, is a tool to give you an idea about the quality, we have old DVDs with very good quality, and old DVDs very low quality, or new stuff HD and new stuff with no good quality.
The HD era change many things and now DVDs than before in 2003-2009 was rated 9.0 or 9.5 now are 8.0 or 8.5, now everything is HD but in the past was not like that, you can see original DVDs from 2000-2008, watch it now on a big screen and look low quality, that happen with many of our DVDs.

Those DVDs are not copies from original DVDs, the quality varies on each DVD, some DVDs are Pro-shots and some are Audience-shot, see the link FAQ to learn more about it.

9.5 Perfect image and sound (Most of the time HD Video)
9.0 Very Good image and good sound (Sometimes no perfect but definitely good)
8.5 Good to see (No perfect quality but enjoyable)
8.0 Not too bad (If you are a fan, you gonna like it)
7.5 Los Quality (Just for diehard fans)

9.0 Good image and good sound (Remember this is an audience shot)
8.5 Good to see (No perfect quality but enjoyable)
8.0 Just for Fans (No good image and sound)
7.5 Los Quality (Just for diehard fans)


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