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 MR. BIG Live And Kickin 2001 DVD (REMASTERED)

MR. BIG Live and Kickin 2001 DVD (REMASTERED).jpg
MR. BIG Live And Kickin 2001 DVD (REMASTERED)

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Live And Kickin 2001 DVD (REMASTERED)

DVD Format: NTSC
Source: Professional Shot (Multi Camera)
Video Quality: Rating: 9.0
Menus: No
Chapter Selection: Every 5 Min
Full Screen: Yes
HD: No
Total Running Time: 87 Min.

01. Opening
02. Backstage
03. Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy
04. Alive And Kickin
05. Rock and Roll Over
06. Green Tinted Sixties Mind
07. Big Love
08. Road To Ruin
09. Paul Gilbert Guitar Solo
10. Take A Walk
11. Pat Torpay Drum Solo
12. Lucky This Time
13. Billy Sheehan Bass Solo
14. Addicted To That Rush
15. To Be With You
16. Women From Tokyo
17. Baba O' Rilay

Eric Martin - vocals
Paul Gilbert - guitars and backing vocals
Billy Sheehan - bass guitar and backing vocals
Pat Torpey - drums and backing vocals


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