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 GENESIS Chicago, IL 10-13-1978 (FM Broadcast)

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GENESIS Chicago, IL 10-13-1978 (FM Broadcast)

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Chicago, IL 10-13-1978 (FM Broadcast)

Sound Rating:  FM Broadcast
Quality Rating: 5 of 5

Disc #1:
01 Intro.
02 Eleventh Earl Of Mar
03 In The Cage
04 Burning Rope
05 Dancing With The Moonlit Knight/The Musical Box
06 Ripples
07 Deep In The Motherlode
08 One For The Vine
09 Squonk

Disc #2:
01 Phil Talking
02 Say It's Alright Joe
03 The Lady Lies
04 Romeo And Juliet Story
05 The Cinema Show/In That Quiet Earth
06 Afterglow
07 Follow You, Follow Me
08 Dance On A Volcano
09 Drum Duet
10 Los Endos
11 I Know What I Like
12 After The Show Phil's Interview

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